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Immigration- profile handling

Immigration is a vast legal subject line . The popular visa agents prepare papers randomly , which causes refusal and later litigation in shape of appeals . Job profile handling matters a lot while bulk files has to be submitted by MNC’ to promote or shift big brain employees. traditional visa queries varies from travel visa to PR but handling legal hurdles for job & employment visa is quite different . Profile , past experience , genuine papers of identity & income matters a lot . Sometimes refusal may be due to ignoring a material fact by the consular office which can be ratified in appeals or rechecking requests . Various countries promote work permits , holidays , Permanent residence as well as investment & business categories , USA , Australia , Canada are prime countries to immigrate while Georgia for investment , Japan for Business and Singapore , Bangkok are famous for holiday destinations

As a general rule, for Canada ,unless a foreign worker falls within certain exemptions, which would take another entire article to describe, a complicated set of procedures must be followed as a pre-condition to renewing the employee’s WP. This normally requires advertising to ensure that Canadians or permanent residents have an opportunity to apply for the position, then requesting a Labour Market Opinion or LMO from Service Canada. In Quebec, there is an additional requirement, which is that the employee must apply for and obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate or CAQ.

Due to the human trait of procrastination, whether on the part of the employee or employer or both, many people seem to wait until the last few weeks or even days prior to expiry of their WPs before starting the renewal process.

Until recently, when faced with such a situation, so long as the WP had not yet expired, lawyers would submit the LMO and CAQ applications to the appropriate government offices and at the same time send the WP renewal application to Immigration Canada. Eventually, when Immigration Canada would get around to studying the WP file, we would have already sent them a copy of the approved LMO and CAQ, and a new WP would be issued. During the LMO/CAQ/WP processing time, the employee was permitted to continue working legally in Canada for the employer under implied status.

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