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Resolving Global Disputes

Our survey shows IPR issues or international disputes can better be resolved via arbitration .

The international commercial disputes have been growing day by day , more and more companies are turning to arbitration as a method to resolve the differences. International commercial arbitration allows parties to settle their disputes by using one or more arbitrators instead of courts. These arbitrary awards tend to be recognized by most foreign courts, and the decisions are usually binding. International arbitration allows companies to avoid possibly long, complicated and expensive trials in foreign courts with potentially unenforceable decisions. Arbitration also provides a level of confidentiality which is not found in litigation.

The disputes may be in :

  • Using intellectual property i.e Trade Mark ,copyright or patent by other in India or anywhere in the world
  • Commercial , payment recovery, end of services disputes .
  • Joint venture , closure , selling stakes, BIFR, Sick unit recovery disputes

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