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Tax Saving-Case Studies

It’s important as part of your year-end tax strategy to have a good understanding of your company’s financial situation. Spend extra time ensuring your books are up-to-date and accurate. It won’t hurt to plan time with your accountant for year-end advice, particular to your operations.

Typically people rely on a standard set of year-end tax planning techniques such as deferring income to the following year and accelerating deductions into the current year. Examples of these types of tactics are holding off on selling investments with gains until later or paying tax deductions such as property tax or charity donations. There is a lot more which can be done well in advance.

Selling the stakes , joint ventures , tax policy updations in any venture propel us to make new tax saving strategies . Be it an MNC , domestic company or various branches on the same group.

Case studies :

-One of the software & technical backup company in San Francisco was tackling with various tax implications , however FDC team converted it into WOS and HR plan was restructured. The legal strategies formed as there was transfer pricing element by which associates enterprise was providing & exporting software services from its Indian office .

– A UK based company wanted to avail outsource services in software development & SEO , while the agreement was not in favor of the company and giving rise to tax implications in India. The agreement rescheduled and drafted shifting all tax paradigms to Indian source company .

The above given case studies do not form part of law firm’s achievements in contravention of the rules of Bar council of India.

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